Stephen Teran - age 26(from the words of his younger brother Anthony)

Steven is my big brother, the oldest of 5, and will always be our big brother. Steven was a very big role model to all of us, and was always there to support any one of us. He was in love with our country and felt a duty to serve since he was a teen. He had become a leader in his National Guard Armory in Alamogordo, NM. and he was up for Captain when he was killed. Before his death, he was preparing his troops to go to Iraq for Air Defense. Steven inspired us and was always pushing me to do better. Steven, to the world, was a quiet individual. He never made a grand entrance and would always make sure everyone was taken care of first. Steven graduated from New Mexico State University with a BS in Criminal Justice. He was looking forward to working with the Border Patrol or the Las Cruces Police Department. He put in his two week notice to the bowling alley and had about three days left when he was killed. He was a great father; he was loved dearly by his girls. He would have done anything for their well-being. The world lost a person who would have done anything to guard his own country.

Paula Holguin - age 6(from the words of Anthony Teran)

This was an amazing girl. Paula was truly a light in the world of darkness. She came into our family around 1986 when Steven and Audrie were dating. She was the most loving, most playful child with a laugh that would make anyone laugh along with her. Paula was very respectful to anyone older than her and very obedient. She was also a very ambitious student who loved creating artwork. She was a very good older sister, and would commonly give up playing with her friends to take care of her sister or to do something that would include her. Paula would never let Valerie out of her sight or go near danger. The charisma this little girl had was enough to catch anyone’s attention and soul. The last time I saw Paula, she came to my dorm room with Steven to drop off some stuff for me.  When they were leaving and walking away, Steven asked her if she said “bye” before she left.  She didn’t turn around and say “bye”, she ran back down the parking lot down the grass area and gave me a hug and said “bye uncle”.  She ran back towards Steven jumping up and down happy as could be with her hair bouncing around with a big smile on her face… that’s the girl I will always remember.

Valarie Teran - age 2(from the words of Anthony Teran)

Valarie was a very simple little girl. She loved nothing more than to hang out with her big sister. You would never see her more than a few feet from her. To me she seemed a little shy. Usually I could get along with any kid, but she was reserved for a period of time. And one day in December of 1989, while me and her sister were playing, she opened up and I began to see what a wonderful little girl that was inside this cute child. She wanted to show me everything and wanted me to go with her everywhere. You could see how she was beginning to see the world from beyond her front door. She wanted to know, see, and learn. She couldn’t fill herself fast enough. I remember her going through her potty training period where my brother worked with her intensely and how she celebrated and was so happy when she did good. She would light up seeing how happy she made her daddy. She was only two years old.

Amy Houser - age 13

A beautiful, blue-eyed thirteen year old girl had her life end on the grotesque morning of February 10, 1990 at Las Cruces Bowl. Amy was a loving, caring, and smart girl who had her whole life ahead of her. Amy loved to shop, dance, and sing. At age two, Amy could read, and at age five, she was already in competitions in El Paso for reading and poetry. Described by many as outgoing and funny, Amy had an inseparable bond with her mom, Gloria. Houser had an extremely bright future, and her loss is devestating to her family and friends.

Stephanie C. Senac - age 43

Stephanie C. Senac was born on November 7, 1955 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Growing up in a military family, she moved around a lot at a very young age. In 1982, Senac moved to Las Cruces, NM where she became the daytime manager of Las Cruces Bowl, a family owned and operated company. On February 10, 1990, her life would forever change as a result of the shootings. She was never the same after that, suffering from extreme head injuries. She moved away from Las Cruces in August of 1994. She moved to Albuquerque, NM in September 1998. Sadly, she passed away on Friday, August 13, 1999. She is greatly missed by her family, especially her daughter and grandchildren.


Ida Holguin

Born and raised in Las Cruces, Holguin graduated from Mayfield High School. Holguin worked as a cook for six years at Las Cruces Bowl before that faithful morning. Ida has not worked since that day. She suffers from panic and anxiety attacks, headaches, post-traumatic stress disorder, and is under medication. Holguin was married to Raymond at the time of the shooting, and has raised four successful children. She also has three granchildren, one of them(Thomas) wants to grow up and be a policeman to help find Ida's shooter. Ida maintains a residence in Las Cruces.


Melissia Repass

Melissia Repass was born in Wichita, Kansas. She moved to Las Cruces in 1982 so that her mother, Stephanie Senac could work for her father, who was opening Las Cruces Bowl. Repass stayed in Las Cruces for four years after the shooting, picked up the GI Joe award for courage, then moved out of New Mexico to be closer to her family. After completing High School and College she got married in 2002 to a wonderful man. She has two children, a daughter who is twelve and a son who is four. She has since relocated after Hurricane Katrina.

More victims

Audrey Teran - widow of Steven Teran

Audrey Teran was born in Silver City, N.M. and attended Silver City High School. Audrey met Steven in the early 80's, as the two went to rival high schools. They got married on December 31, 1986. Audrey is described as being very outgoing and giving to people. At the time of the shootings, Audrey was studying to be a beautician while raising her lovely family. Everything changed on the morning of February 10, 1990 as Audrey lost her whole family. Her courage, recovery, and pain-threshold is an inspiration to all of us. Teran is a single parent, having raised a boy and a girl since that horrific morning back in 1990. She now resides in El Paso.

Gloria Woods - mom of Amy Houser

Born and raised in Las Cruces, Woods is the loving mother of Amy Houser, her first child. She has two children, Mark and Cynthia, with her husband Anthony. She also has two grandchildren, Isiah and Mariah. Woods is currently on disability leave from her job as a baker at Albertsons. She has also worked as a bakery manager at Solo Warehouse. Her laugh and sense of humor is infectious and she has developed an extremely close, tight-knit family. Woods lives in Las Cruces.