Almost twenty years ago, I was living in Boston watching »Unsolved Mysteries.«

        I came across the »Las Cruces Bowling Massacre« and was deeply affected by the story.

        I would periodically call the Las Cruces Police Dept. to find out if the case was solved

        and it never was. I would consistently google the story and nothing but old materials

        would come up. It was beyond frustrating. Finally, in July 2009, I decided to take matters

        into my own hands by making a film on this important topic.

        The devotion by my cast and crew during production was unforgettable. This story has

        touched many, many lives, and will continue to do so. After making this film I hope, it

        will spark someone to come forward with that elusive piece of information that will help

        solve the case. The victims and their families have been tortured by that barbaric mor-

        ning of Feb. 10, 1990, and need some sense of closure. This film is in complete devotion to the

        deceased, the two survivors, their families, and friends of this case. In addition, to

        to anyone else who have had a family member or friend murdered.


        Charlie Minn